Games Mania UK

After 10 long years, it's finally time to lay to rest my first big online project.

Recently I've just not had the time required to put into GMUK and it's declined from an archive of gaming content to just a catalogue of spammy links.

After getting my first computer in '96 (age 7) and going online in '98 I became fascinated with the Internet and had a desire to build things for it. Games Mania UK was a product of this and was like a sandbox for me whilst my skills grew. Building this website sharpened my HTML, PHP and MySQL skills to a stage where other people would actually pay me to do it for them (also known as a job :P).

Today I'm still developing things, have a couple of exciting projects to do in my spare time and I'm on the verge of getting PHP Certified - amongst other things.

If anyone has any questions, ask me on Google+.

Many Thanks
Scott C, Webmaster - 10/02/2014